Annihilation – Is it just a movie or our prophetic comeuppance? (spoilers galore)

I watched Annihilation and was completely blown by it. When I read a Wired report about "Don't do drugs, watch Annihilation." It couldn't have been anymore resonant. The climax lingers like a hallucinatory acid-trip even when the credit rolls. The organ-heavy electronic music accompanying the visuals, complements and elevates our mood. There is a tingling... Continue Reading →


One Tick Madness is finally Published

When I was young, I was extremely restless. Two-hour bus rides from home to work and then back (same duration), gradually made me a patient human being. I would later realize that patience was the key ingredient for my next undertaking. It took me five years to conjure and chronicle the life of Harry Dagliesh... Continue Reading →

Get Some Sleep

In = inhale, Ex = exhale Practice this, while you lay in bed, hoping to score the elusive sleep. Remember it, close your eyes, and utter the words, gently and slowly. You are slowly sinking in your bed now… (breathe heavily for 3 counts. In/ex, in/ex, in/ex) You are slowly sinking… (breathe heavily for 3... Continue Reading →


Non-Mainstream Soundtracks [Part 1]

The world of pop, dubstep, hip-hop and funk have become the de-facto choice for listeners today. This post covers the off-beat, non-mainstream soundtracks that I have been listening for a while now. Songs featured in movies, adverts, trailers and so forth. Someone said to me, sharing is caring. Therefore, doing my bit. I hope, it... Continue Reading →


Mission to Omission – crafting OTM

Caricaturish dialogues, half-baked thoughts, not fully fleshed-out ideas are eradicated, as I type. It has been more than two years, that I embarked on the journey of crafting One Tick Madness. I am not afraid to say, that I have been acting like a monstrous janitor, getting rid of the muck in my writing. And... Continue Reading →


Blade Runner 2049: A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

I don't like run off the mill. I don't like cheesy. I don't like over the top. This takes care of what I don't like. I like my movies to challenge and surpass my imagination. I like my movies to be a vortex providing the grandest visceral experience, deeply emotional characters, tonal defining aural senses,... Continue Reading →


Loyalty, An Expensive Commodity

I am not sure if this is a part of some conspiracy theory, or is this reality? Uber charges you more if you come out of a high-spending establishment, like a mall, club, hotel or an expensive restaurant. Uber charges you more by conducting historic analysis of your spending pattern. The higher you have spent... Continue Reading →


ai, & YOU.

This is a flash post to what ai has become? What I think it will become? Where, we the humans are heading?


Dunkirk – A masterpiece? **spoilers ahead**

Read to know, am I calling it a masterpiece or not.


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