The Unchanging People

People who are unable to accept CHANGEDO or are HAPPY with the following:

  1. Protects the status quo and fires anyone that presents ideas which are not inline with the status quo.
  2. Thinks inside the box & expects everyone else to do so.
  3. Relies heavily on historic data & builds forecasting tools based on such data (relying on the past to predict the future).
  4. Maintains life+life+work balance. The status quo becomes automated & therefore early office exit resulting in more family time.
  5. Meeting NextGen change-agents becomes a painful task especially those who possess a game changing idea. They think it isn’t relevant. They don’t specify that if it isn’t for Now or the Future but in their mind they know that it isn’t relevant for ‘NOW’. They don’t want to bother thinking about the future. Point No. 4 will take care of that.
  6. Doesn’t believe in market shifts. According to this person, market shifts are nothing but minor earthquakes which will suffer minor disruptions but after which life would go on as usual.
  7. Incentivise people who win new clients with business as usual potential. Fears that investing in new technology and introducing new services would contradict with their approach encapsulated in Point No. 8.
  8. Convinces investors that their company is fending off the recession by protecting its existing and boring client base [Boring because their clients are just like them they are happy with the status quo and aren’t pushing their service provider for innovative products. Clients are one of the most important educators for a company, they often start with something like “Do you know what these guys are doing (referring to the competition)….. And then they close the conversation, saying “You guys are playing catch up”. A company should seek such clients].
  9. When growth in their core industry starts tanking, these people don’t offer new strategies or products. They offer DISCOUNTS and FREEBIES.
  10. Such people often label their strategies as cautious risk-taking (predominantly their strategy is an oxyMORON. For such people, oxymoron is a term in which they extract their moronic power from oxygen to devise such strategies).
  11. They do plan their future by investing in secured debentures (again an oxyMORON especially in the current context when book values of collaterals are depreciating & companies are unable to maintain the fixed percentage payout to its debtors). For them, equities are like cheques which are about to bounce. They miss those high-growth opportunity that is about to become the next Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and so forth.
  12. The final one – These same people read this article and smiles, thinking that they are not these people. The sales professional from their organization mentions that the Competition is offering more services at the same price-point. This person suggests to REDUCE THE PRICE” of their services. Sticking to Point No. 7.

To determine if you are NOT the above person, ask yourself the following question(s):

  • Do you seek work from other departments when you have no work on your desk?
  • Do you pretend to be busy when you have no work or do you lay back & look at the ceiling of your office?
  • Do you read online articles & journals other than celeb gossips?
  • When an issue crops up in your outlook mail, do you immediately escalate the matter to your IT department or do you try to find out the solution by googling first?
  • Do you often speak out of turn in meetings to share the thoughts boiling in your head?
  • Do you draw boxes in your scratchpad and try to make sense out of it like drawing a car or ship?
  • Do you write abstract thoughts and maintain a word doc?
  • Do you like to kickstart conversation with strangers sharing your insight about an interesting global event?
  • Do you give your business card with one hand or both your hands?
  • Are you punctual?
  • Are you correcting my grammatical errors in this post?

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