Prose to Perception

A lady went to a plastic surgeon to do some touch up on her face. The surgeon took down the appointment for Friday.

The lady went on Friday to do the surgery. But as she entered the OT, she noticed that it isn’t the same surgeon who met her and took down the appointment. She asked the surgeon, “You are the not the one who I met the other day. Where’s that famous surgeon?” The surgeon replied, “Oh, he is just the front-man, I do all the hard-work behind closed doors (pointing at the OT doors)”. The woman replied, “So, everything is just a whitewash. He is not the guy who we are made to believe.” The surgeon replied, “Yep.” The lady replied, “But why? The surgeon stated that he doesn’t have the same charm and persona as this other surgeon. A moments silence. The lady gushed and then dozed off as the anesthesia was taking its effect.

Few hours later, the surgeon unwrapped the plaster and held up a mirror to her face. She was happy to see the outcome. Behind the mirror, she noticed that the front-man surgeon was smiling. She asked, “Hey, where’s the other surgeon.” The front-man replied, “Oh, he doesn’t meet his patients after performing surgery, but he left you a note”.

The note read, “I hope you are happy with the transformation (didn’t use scalpel, needle and thread at all. Actually, didn’t even touch your face). I am sure it is highlighting your new features – Your Perception about Yourself. Just like when you take medicine, you immediately start feeling well. Similarly, after unwrapping the plasters from your face, you noticed the changes to your face because your perception about yourself also changed. Feel free to sue me if you are not happy with the transformation.”

She looks at the front-man surgeon. Is this some kind of a joke? My lawyers will get in touch with you.

Why the anti-climax? Every bit of emotion is short lived and people are back to their selfish desires of life. This is the world we are living in and which we cannot ignore.

What would have happened if the surgeon didn’t share the note? She would have lived the lie happily ever after.


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