Meditative Approach to Leadership

We have all heard how great Leaders have achieved their goals by following their principles which they have learnt through their life experiences. Though, highly effective but they did face extraordinary circumstances which we normal office-going individual wouldn’t face on any given day. We are too scared to risk ourselves and come out of our comfort zones.

So, the objective of my post is to share what has been shared by my good friend and colleague Shirish Kalamkar. Shirish belongs to a niche group of people who have inspired individuals to come out of their comfort zones and achieve their true potential. Such people are extremely important to unearth leaders of tomorrow.

Let me introduce you to Shirish?

Shirish have been working in the IT division for over 20 years in B2C focused industries such as Healthcare & Hospitality. Though, he specializes in IT but more than often he had been given charge of multiple departments such as Purchase and Maintenance because of his leadership qualities and also for his attitude of ‘getting the work done’. He has been quite successful in his endeavor. He has not only built an enviable network of professional associations but has garnered high regards in each company he worked.

Highly efficient people like Shirish not only question the status quo but challenge their teams to come up with unique solutions to difficult problems. When star performers within such teams resolve the problem, they start realizing their true potential. People like Shirish already knew their true potential and hence pushed them out of their comfort zones. It doesn’t stop there. Shirish would then nurture such high growth performers into highly effective leaders.

People like Shirish are large hearted individuals who do not get entangled into petty office politics or narcissism. They always look at the larger picture.

I was so enamored by his leadership qualities that I requested him to share his thoughts on leadership.

Following are his meditative approach to being a successful leader. The same is applicable in our daily professional lives. It’s highly effective yet so simple to follow.

‘They’, ‘Them’, ‘Their’ are referred to as Colleagues & Customers.

  1. Listen to your customers and colleagues. Don’t interrupt the conversation midway. Listen with utmost attention so that they know that you are listening to them.
  2. Don’t say ‘NO’ immediately unless you have some valid reason to back-up your rejection. Try to find a solution first before saying ‘NO’ and if still not possible then explain your difficulty in attending to their request. It provides comfort to them as you are taking care of their issues rather than flatly rejecting them.
  3. Be patient and understand the issue from their point of view. Always be mindful of the fact that they are reaching out to you to find a solution to their issue.
  4. Support and appreciate the efforts of your subordinates and colleagues. As a head of department/team-lead, take full responsibility for any inadequacy of your team. Protect your team whenever and wherever possible.
  5. Do not solely take credit for an achievement. It’s always teamwork. Therefore, mention the efforts of your colleagues and subordinates as well.
  6. Put forth the achievements of your subordinates to the Management. Get them recognized.
  7. Maintain healthy relations with inter-departments, vendors and customers.
  8. Do not play the ‘blame game’. Try and resolve the issue at hand.
  9. Learn and share knowledge.
  10. Be open to learning from subordinates too. Learning never stops. Focus on the learning and not who it comes from.
  11. Respect your Management’s view point when interacting with them. They have reached that position after years of rigor.

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