Extraordinary People in an Ordinary World

Some of the stuff that I am going to share with you here might be ridiculous but think about it.

Who are these extraordinary people?

Let’s think of it as who are the people in our lives that gives a damn or had made a difference.

Careful listener. Patient listener. Yes, you guessed it right. These are the qualities that are so dearly missed in today’s times. 95% of the time, the people we meet including us when we look at our reflections in the mirror, just want to talk. Want to say things for the heck of saying it. I am doing it right now, in my head while I type out the words in this post.

The world has become smarter, courtesy to our race, so we have to be the smartest. How do we become smart? Yes, by talking, sharing our experiences, bonding with people. But, hey, did you meet anyone recently other than your shrink who carefully listens to you only because they get paid to do so.

Thinking. Still thinking. Well, let me tell you (oops, see I am talking once again), you don’t find such people so easily. It is extremely difficult to find them. But if you do come across such a person, then you would know that person is Extraordinary with a capital E.

A person, who listens to you and reflects on your thoughts and feelings makes the person Extraordinary. The urge to talk is minimal in such a person. Such a person thinks a lot and would probably give you the most honest opinion about yourself or your perspective or your thought. The society calls them “Introverts”. I call them “Extraordinary”.

They don’t go out of their way to do things that would bring them to the spotlight. They like the company of themselves but when you need them, they would lend you their ears.

I have come across such Extraordinary beings because I can not only relate to them but understand them as well. They might not be Harvey Specterish but they are certainly Superman. Think about it, why all our superheroes so alone and lonely? Why are they introverts?

More than often when you try to mirror the world and make it your lifestyle, you lose your true self. The power of introspection is lost alongwith the answers to all your nerve-wrecking questions about yourself.

Such Extraordinary beings who can patiently listen, can quietly think, can come up with a solution and prove to the world that being Extraordinary is not a bad thing at all. The world needs such people. Imagine a dystopian future in which words are the singular form of currency. You can only speak what you have saved up in your word bank. Now, sit back and realize who would have the riches.

So, carefully choose your words when you speak because as my Mom would say a bullet from a gun, an arrow from a quiver and words spoken cannot be taken back.

Therefore, these Extraordinary people always have an advantage because they are fond of listening.


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