See Horizontal. Be Horizontal

In the initial days of my corporate life, I would holed up in my 5 by 5 cubicle with the hope of changing the world. At first, I thought that sending expertly-written emails and winning proposals were the answers to this lifelong urge. But then, boom, all hopes were dashed and the house of cards lay scattered. By a decimal percentage, I missed the threshold score of getting a promotion. When I re-checked my appraisal sheet, I was shocked to see that the positive feedbacks didn’t correspond with the scores.

I started rubbing my frontal lobe, to get my head around this. I went back to my reporting manager to get some clarity on this disparity. He fumbled, while explaining his position to me. It was all template driven corporate mumbo-jumbo. I was rattled and angry. I felt betrayed. All my hard work was for nothing. As the day progressed, I found out that his favorite boy got the glad-eye and the promotion.

This politicized bureaucracy would ultimately lead to the slow but painful demise of the corporate culture in the near future. Due to its snail-like pace, the corporate culture has become boring. A Millenial’s attention span is ever expanding yet decreasing on a single subject, object, situation and so forth. They can’t keep up with the snail, they are the hare, they rocket ahead at breakneck speeds.

A corporate organization doesn’t need to make radical changes like allowing its employees to wear Sunday clothes on a Monday morning meet. But instead, empower people with Autonomy. Let the bosses not dole out the bonuses, but the work itself. This would diminish disparity, and there wouldn’t be any power struggle, because there wouldn’t be a supreme echelon to struggle for.

If our vision is horizontal, then why can’t we strive for a similar organization structure. Let’s empower people to choose their leader(s) in the most democratic manner. There shall be no leadership guidelines, but traits which comprises of participation, motivation, gratification and magnanimity. The Millennials understand that inclusion is the opposite of seclusion. Inclusion drives teamwork and lays the foundation for an exciting organization.

The bottom-line, if one has a juvenile smile on their face when entering office on a Monday morning, then that organization is steadily becoming horizontal. One has to pass on the baton of Autonomy. Make them ALL EQUALS.


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