Telepathic Dissemination

The next frontier of evolution lies in Telepathic Dissemination. We will achieve this in the year of 2100 and forward. This is because, in the next 85 years or so, we would be busy solving the mysteries of artificial intelligence, interplanetary travel, cell regeneration, non-intrusive marketing, security/anonymity over dark-net as a service and so forth.

Telepathic dissemination is the stuff of pure science fiction in today’s times. Think about this, what would happen if the man or woman at the counter would know the exact choice of your burger, without you having to utter a word? Life would be so much easier. How about the one you love responds with love, without the need to utter the three letter syllable – I love you. We would all be a part of this hive mind, collective consciousness, not divided by race, caste, religion, but by thoughts, desires, experiences and imaginations.

Our heightened paranoia of unknown subjects would be validated by their true regressed memories and not by misinformation. The world of secrecy would diminish, enabling us to embrace the weirdness, taboo topics and whispered idiosyncrasies in a more open manner.

But, all of this is a pipe dream? You know why.

Only a select few wants to control the flow of information. Only a select few wants the world at large to receive the tiny dust particle which forms the brick and mortar of our house. We created money to diminish savagery and barbarism and bring order to the acts of our heinousness. But, we are the ones who give our capitalistic overtures, the highest priority, even if we have to be barbaric.

We have been ingrained to follow the Eighth Sin, the Act of Selfishness. According to me, it is the Alpha-sin of all other sins. I am quite sure that no religious doctrines have recorded it in its scriptures. It is this unrecognizable overpowering force that drives every other sin in our lives. Think about it (ref: I, Me, Myself)

But then, why did I refer to the year of 2100 and forward?

For evolution to take place, disruption of existing technologies, models, mindsets and markets have to take place. While we will evolve in the next 85 years, we will have to disrupt our surroundings. Our society’s perceived pus lies in the old, blocking the way for the new. With the need for new, we shall motor along and disrupt.

By the end, only a select few will have some planet to themselves and will attain this telepathic dissemination. Yes, they would attain, not create to disrupt something existent. I can say for sure, that would not be us. You may do the math or cheat death (ref: cell regeneration), but I still strongly believe, that would not be us.

P.S. This is an op-ed piece. Ideally, I don’t want people to make too much fuss about it. But hey! We all have opinions, don’t we?


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