A Sales Professional Moral Dilemma

A morally ethical sales professional haven’t achieved his/her sales quota, risking his/her job. Thereby, putting his/her mortgage payments at risk. A customer who is also a neighbor of the sales professional walks upto to him/her to conclude his/her purchase. The customer once shared his/her dream of buying a house with the sales professional cum neighbor. The sales professional notices that the customer is low on credit, which means that the item purchased by the customer is more than his/her wallet-size. The customer opts for credit to conclude the purchase. By doing this, the credit scores of the customer would dip down to the lowest level, thereby, disbarring the customer to seek a home loan in the near future.

Would it be the sales professional’s fiduciary responsibility to close the sale or inform the customer cum neighbor about his/her credit score which would impact his/her ability to secure the dream house?

What do you think would be the solution considering the present times we live in?


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