Sneak peek into One Tick Madness

It has been arduous to say the least, crafting One Tick Madness.

More than a year has passed, since I started crafting my first novel. Caring the baby, every single day. Each word, each syllable it said was precisely planted to provide a visceral experience to the readers.

Unlike most novelists, I am not a scholar, neither I majored in Literature, nor a teacher. At best, I am a student who have been busy diving into the literary abyss. With each passing day, I am learning something new which was previously unknown to me. I am like the wide-eyed infant who has viewed a sea of balloons floating in a clear blue sky for the very first time.

While I learn to craft and implement my new-found vocabulary, literary devices, punctuations and prose, I am also betting against the odds of self-publishing my novel without anyone proof-reading it. It’s like releasing a movie without having an editor on board or a marketing team to release the teasers and trailers to excite the audience, in my case, the readers.

It’s not that I am over-confident with my novel, or my writing talent. It’s just the financial resources to hire an editor, that I have none. At this very moment, I am simply a man with limited access to resources. Thus, being limited to thyself. Limited to my own abilities, knowledge, and a yearn to continuously learn.

With this, I hereby present the The Anomaly (within One, but before Chapter 1) of One Tick Madness. And yes, these pages are fully crafted, and they are ready for being in the final ebook.

One Tick Madness


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