Sparrows and Kittens: The Irony of many Situations

Sometimes I think, I am like a sparrow,
Carelessly, I am flying across the meadow.
I tell you, there ain’t no stop,
Beep beep bop, beep beep bop.
As I speak from my beak.
There ain’t no stop, to my misery.

Helplessly I flap my wings, hoping to cover great distances.
At that very moment, life and its instances,
Make me stop, beep beep bop, beep beep bop.
I look down to find water on the ground,
But hungry kittens are all around.

As I make up mind to remove myself from this predicament,
The sunshine pierces harder, boiling my firmament.
I couldn’t help, but swoop down,
Knowing it to be my end.
But hope is such a feeling, even in your most vulnerable,
You feel there is a glimmer around the bend.

As I came closer to the sparkling water.
The kittens realized that it is now the end of their hunger.
My beak touched the water, the kittens came charging for me.
A big shadow fell on me, it was not the kittens, but a giant bumble bee.
The kittens were adamant to eat me alive.
The bee was ready give its life, before I died.
At that very moment, its eyes fell on a beautiful flower.
It hovered away, to pollinate her.

I had my throats quenched, and promptly darted up, out of the kittens clench.
But as I was up in the sky, I saw a lone wolf nearby.
As they came closer to each other, I realized.
What is life? If its not to save,
Even forever good, you behave,
It’s the life lost which could have been saved.
I swooped down once again, but the kitten jumped high and caught me in its mouth.
As they were ready to tear me apart,
In my last dying breath, I saw the lone wolf standing back.


2 thoughts on “Sparrows and Kittens: The Irony of many Situations

Add yours

    1. Thank you bro. I wrote this piece in one-shot, which lasted for 10 mins. I realized, control is not always necessary. Sometimes, it is okay to let go. Let go off the emotions that controls oneself.

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