Get Some Sleep

In = inhale, Ex = exhale Practice this, while you lay in bed, hoping to score the elusive sleep. Remember it, close your eyes, and utter the words, gently and slowly. You are slowly sinking in your bed now… (breathe heavily for 3 counts. In/ex, in/ex, in/ex) You are slowly sinking… (breathe heavily for 3... Continue Reading →


It Doesn’t Make Any Sense (Series 1)

The It Doesn't Make Any Sense  is a Series which provides the canvas to capture random thoughts, lyrics, poems, dialogues, tidbits and every other written creative endeavor formed by me. Each piece of writing is separated by a block quote. Therefore, not providing the necessary continuity to the reader which would make sense by stringing up... Continue Reading →

A Sales Professional Moral Dilemma

A morally ethical sales professional haven't achieved his/her sales quota, risking his/her job. Thereby, putting his/her mortgage payments at risk. A customer who is also a neighbor of the sales professional walks upto to him/her to conclude his/her purchase. The customer once shared his/her dream of buying a house with the sales professional cum neighbor.... Continue Reading →

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