Annihilation – Is it just a movie or our prophetic comeuppance? (spoilers galore)

I watched Annihilation and was completely blown by it. When I read a Wired report about "Don't do drugs, watch Annihilation." It couldn't have been anymore resonant. The climax lingers like a hallucinatory acid-trip even when the credit rolls. The organ-heavy electronic music accompanying the visuals, complements and elevates our mood. There is a tingling... Continue Reading →


Blade Runner 2049: A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

I don't like run off the mill. I don't like cheesy. I don't like over the top. This takes care of what I don't like. I like my movies to challenge and surpass my imagination. I like my movies to be a vortex providing the grandest visceral experience, deeply emotional characters, tonal defining aural senses,... Continue Reading →

Dunkirk – A masterpiece? **spoilers ahead**

Read to know, am I calling it a masterpiece or not.


The Sea of Trees – A grossly misunderstood film by the Critics (Spoilers Warning)

The Sea of Trees is a marvelous movie by the man – Gus Van Sant, who helmed critical darlings such as Goodwill Hunting, Milk, Elephant and many more. I was glad to watch the movie before going over to Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB. Otherwise, by being a true social conformist, I would have missed a... Continue Reading →


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