Annihilation – Is it just a movie or our prophetic comeuppance? (spoilers galore)

I watched Annihilation and was completely blown by it. When I read a Wired report about "Don't do drugs, watch Annihilation." It couldn't have been anymore resonant. The climax lingers like a hallucinatory acid-trip even when the credit rolls. The organ-heavy electronic music accompanying the visuals, complements and elevates our mood. There is a tingling... Continue Reading →


Blade Runner 2049: A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

I don't like run off the mill. I don't like cheesy. I don't like over the top. This takes care of what I don't like. I like my movies to challenge and surpass my imagination. I like my movies to be a vortex providing the grandest visceral experience, deeply emotional characters, tonal defining aural senses,... Continue Reading →

Loyalty, An Expensive Commodity

I am not sure if this is a part of some conspiracy theory, or is this reality? Uber charges you more if you come out of a high-spending establishment, like a mall, club, hotel or an expensive restaurant. Uber charges you more by conducting historic analysis of your spending pattern. The higher you have spent... Continue Reading →


ai, & YOU.

This is a flash post to what ai has become? What I think it will become? Where, we the humans are heading?


What’s Around the Bend?

I have been fateful to be in the midst of an unnerving pattern. A pattern which is not only an eye-opener, but highly intriguing as well. There are these aspects to this pattern: Perceived Disruption Disruption Momentum Reality Check Regression Coexistence Perceived Disruption: These are the startups who make waves in the market by scoring... Continue Reading →


A Sales Professional Moral Dilemma

A morally ethical sales professional haven't achieved his/her sales quota, risking his/her job. Thereby, putting his/her mortgage payments at risk. A customer who is also a neighbor of the sales professional walks upto to him/her to conclude his/her purchase. The customer once shared his/her dream of buying a house with the sales professional cum neighbor.... Continue Reading →


Feeding the Cattle

Way back in time when there were no farming machinery and automobiles, there was Arnold, who was a crop and cattle farmer. He just survived through the worst drought imaginable. It was tough going for him.  But, then the gods finally answered his prayers and showered with rain. During the period of drought, Arnold had... Continue Reading →


See Horizontal. Be Horizontal

In the initial days of my corporate life, I would holed up in my 5 by 5 cubicle with the hope of changing the world. At first, I thought that sending expertly-written emails and winning proposals were the answers to this lifelong urge. But then, boom, all hopes were dashed and the house of cards lay... Continue Reading →


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