Shock Value Quotient – You want it, yet you don’t know when.

Many modern-day auteurs are striving for the “Shock Value Quotient [SVQ]” in their presentations. Think of the first episode of The Mindhunter, where the naked dude blows his head off. The lead up to that action and the eventual aftermath sets up a certain tone for the TV show in your head. At every possible... Continue Reading →


Blade Runner 2049: A Sci-Fi Masterpiece

I don't like run off the mill. I don't like cheesy. I don't like over the top. This takes care of what I don't like. I like my movies to challenge and surpass my imagination. I like my movies to be a vortex providing the grandest visceral experience, deeply emotional characters, tonal defining aural senses,... Continue Reading →

It Doesn’t Make Any Sense (Series 1)

The It Doesn't Make Any Sense  is a Series which provides the canvas to capture random thoughts, lyrics, poems, dialogues, tidbits and every other written creative endeavor formed by me. Each piece of writing is separated by a block quote. Therefore, not providing the necessary continuity to the reader which would make sense by stringing up... Continue Reading →

What’s Around the Bend?

I have been fateful to be in the midst of an unnerving pattern. A pattern which is not only an eye-opener, but highly intriguing as well. There are these aspects to this pattern: Perceived Disruption Disruption Momentum Reality Check Regression Coexistence Perceived Disruption: These are the startups who make waves in the market by scoring... Continue Reading →

Feeding the Cattle

Way back in time when there were no farming machinery and automobiles, there was Arnold, who was a crop and cattle farmer. He just survived through the worst drought imaginable. It was tough going for him.  But, then the gods finally answered his prayers and showered with rain. During the period of drought, Arnold had... Continue Reading →

The Unchanging People

People who are unable to accept CHANGE; DO or are HAPPY with the following: Protects the status quo and fires anyone that presents ideas which are not inline with the status quo. Thinks inside the box & expects everyone else to do so. Relies heavily on historic data & builds forecasting tools based on such data (relying on the past to... Continue Reading →

Commercial Imagination

We all dream, imagine and stress our minds to extract that one thing that would be genre defining, game changing, breaking the stereotype, paradigm shifting and so forth. Many great men and women have managed to extract that one thing from their mind which has shaped and/or reshaped the world's course of actions. But have... Continue Reading →

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