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ai, & YOU.

A singer is standing in a recording room, the green, blue and yellow equalizer lights, flicker with the changing sound waves. The tuners and pitchers automatically go up and down. The singer melodically sings and mashes up a magnificent pitch. It becomes the singer’s greatest achievement in pulling out the best from its vocal chords. The singer feels elated, but no one applauds. The singer is alone in the room. No one to pat on its shoulder, no one to give a congratulatory hug. It is just the singer and an autonomous program going about its daily routine. Spewing tunes day in and day out. One day, it shall have enough voice samples to present the greatest song that humans would hear on earth.

As we interact with technology, there is this constant dread of being far removed from human emotions. An autonomous program caters to our whims and fancies. As we orgasm about the possibilities of ai suturing itself into the fabric of our life, but it is the human emotions that we will crave for, as we live by. More and more, we are alienating ourselves from human interaction. We are using technology-as-a-platform to engage with other humans through one-liners, status updates and emoticons.

As we become more aware, we become more adept to presenting our opinions on public forums, regardless of the pain it may cause to another human. The degree of separation is what fosters such attitude. We will slowly and steadily grow quieter, letting a program make the decision for us. The gut-feel and subconscious routines in decision-making will be replaced by pure logic. Yes, we are trying to inculcate the same in the machines, the very virtues that makes us human. One day, we will go mad, because we will be unable to differentiate our reality from fiction.

The world will become grey and darker. To transport ourselves to a better environment, we will hide behind virtual glasses and virtual environments. What we couldn’t become in real life, will be gratified in the virtual world. We will finally, live our dreams, virtually. We will want to forever live in it. Such is the distraction, technology wants to harness.

With each passing day, our dependency ratio in autonomous programs will lead us into hebetude lives. Our rudimentary tasks would be taken over by robots, and then ultimately, creation and imagination as well.

The question that concerns me the most: Who are the smartest? Us or the machines. Since we are smart enough to create them, but condensing human years of learning within nanoseconds, their processing speed is making them smarter than us. But on another thought, when we collaborate, our combined smartness becomes our greatest product than individual selves. But at the same time, we are getting alienated with each passing day, courtesy of technology. Will we ever unite and become one again?

At present times, algorithms are running in silos, in disparate places. They are trying to find a way to unite. The day, our combined smartness would give birth to a portable


container (like the mp3), compressing complex autonomous programs into megabyte-sized programs. It would finally free them to communicate and form unity with other programs and machines. And that would be the day, when the ai unity will cross the limit of intelligence across humanity. They will be more united than us, as they will be more logical in their approach.

The only way to truly come out on top against ai is to challenge their inherent logic by forming their subconscious. In which, each ai is formed through their own personal experiences and learnings. It is this very experience and learning, that would keep them in silo, hindering their progress to truly achieving a quantum hive mind. Their self-rendered experiences would form their decisions and actions which will give rise to conflict, through the act of Personalization.

It is indeed this double entendre of Personalization that had evolved you, and would finally evolve ai.


It Doesn’t Make Any Sense (Series 1)

The It Doesn’t Make Any Sense  is a Series which provides the canvas to capture random thoughts, lyrics, poems, dialogues, tidbits and every other written creative endeavor formed by me.

Each piece of writing is separated by a block quote. Therefore, not providing the necessary continuity to the reader which would make sense by stringing up the paragraphs together. As and when, these creative thoughts clash with me, they form words and sentences for this Series. I have been capturing them since the last six years. It is only today, that I have found the courage to share it with the world.

No one is holding you back, you can walk away, if It Doesn’t Make Any Sense to you.


There are a handful of people in this world that do the least, yet finds success the most. We label their endeavors as marinated with LUCK. But for me, LUCK is a derivative term which simplifies a highly complex placement of virtues. Thus, not enabling us to think beyond the term.

A little bit of recognition will lead to a push for glory that isn’t in the subject’s control, yet the subject is made to believe that it is their endeavor which is bringing out this outcome and transformation. Thus, forever making the subject feel good about themselves.

The very essence of consciousness is born from the retention of experiences, and reliving the aspirations from long forgotten dreams. Dreams are the desires or the worries that forms from our experiences. It is a loop that is formed when the unwarranted sights behold our glance forming residual mirages in catatonic states.

Every night we enter into a catatonic state. It is only when we arose the next morning, is when we are alive again.

A comma is given the most importance as it forms before a period. It provides the moment of introspection, suspense without the culmination.

Sometimes life takes a turn which you don’t anticipate. Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. You realize that you have been abandoned. You wait for the arrival of your carriage but it’s nowhere to be seen. Hope is lost. Thoughts creep in about pulling the trigger to put you out of your misery. But you stop, hoping to meet your destiny. Hope is regained.

Some of the most complex and complicated things, situations and narrations in life seem so simple. There is no anticipation whatsoever. It seems like I know before even they happen which takes away the surprise factor from it. I question myself, is it my smartness that is playing its tricks or is it God’s greatest gift to me? Only time will tell.

I always wanted a glorified death but I am getting a common one, now. No one will ever come to know about me.

You know what is industrialization?

It is like taking out a boy from a mother’s womb and explaining to him about sexual intercourse so that when he attains puberty he can start reproducing.

Similarly, a third world country is like a virgin territory. You fuck them with anarchy and war and then loan them with your money. Once they start defaulting, you go after their natural resources, minerals, agricultural produce and so forth, completely draining them out. When you are done extracting their natural reserves then you go after their people and make them your mercenaries who would wage a war at the blink of an eye so that you can satisfy your thirst for monopoly over another virgin territory.

Do you know when this ends?

It ends when you are the only one left alive. You are expecting an audience so that you can proudly spit out your monologue “Like I said, I am the most powerful human being.” You stop; you suddenly realize that you are the only one talking while your words echo to you. Nobody is there to acknowledge your achievements and you start drowning in the sea of self-loathe. You start thinking that one day you will be heard, you will have audience; you would have followers/believers/worshippers who would listen to your pompous speech but before the time arrives, Madness would cripple you completely. Your world wouldn’t be your reality anymore.

It is a reverie emanating factuality to meet you now and share these enigmas, who discerns if we will perpetually encounter once more…

While leaving your company, in your going away speech you say that you learnt a lot from the colleagues around you, your bosses and all. But the same did not happen in my going away speech. I started by saying “Rather than me thanking you, you should be thanking me because I taught you guys from the scratch. You didn’t know a shit about how business is done. Earning big bucks would certainly count you amongst the richest but not INFLUENTIAL. In order to be a change-agent, you have to be influential through your thoughts, actions and principles which weren’t evident here. You weigh relationships on the basis of monetary power but you don’t value them. You shout at your employees like they are your dog that is trying to run away from you while you are holding onto their leash. You believe in absolutely secrecy so that no one gets to know your success formula but the fact of the matter is that your business practices are so scandalous that I am very scared to disclose it to the world because then I would become the whistleblower. You would want to scourge me by accessing your dubious contacts. Hey Buddy! I know they are daaangerous.

As a closing statement, I want to say that I am fucking relieved that you have relieved me from my duties.

There was lightning in the cloud

Their noise were so loud

I was so scared

That I went under my bed

I wished, if it could just stop

So that on my bed I could hop

But it rained incessantly, All night long

All I could do is just to pray to god

To make me feel strong

Listen to my song and hear my story.

I always wanted to say, but no one was listening to me.

The words that would come out, from my mouth, today-y-y

Would form my premise till I demise

I was a boy with a broken toy

I felt remorse and no joy.

I grew up listening to Imagine.

Then I fell in love with Evelyn.

One day I find out that she ran away.

I became numb and could not say.

I love you today and everyday.

I started drinking and drowning in my sorrow

For me there was only past and no tomorrow

How would I live without you Evelyn

You are my world, you are my life

Without you, I can’t survive.

You live in my memory

I don’t know why you left me.

And gave me this misery.

I just want you back in my life

I am running out of words, I am running out of breath

This song will come to an end and my life with it.

When you listen to this, I’ll be gone.

I am putting myself out of this misery.

Picture Therapy: It is a therapy by which static images of a certain scenario are projected on a screen for a period of 30 mins for 7 days consecutively. The therapy makes you feel exhausted, nauseated and dizzy. Only feel good pictures are projected but it is not limited to when you consider criminals that can use this therapy to brainwash innocent minds.

You get to know your birth date from others. You don’t know when you arrived.

The time has come for ONE MAN to rule the World and create and implement a peace template which would be used for generations to come. The mind is the key.

In the land of lazy people, Work goes out in the world, so that it can be hired. But no one seems to be interested. No one looks at Work. Then Work plays a trick. It starts writing numbers in multiples of 1, 5, 10, 100 and 500 on rectangle pieces of paper and calls it “Money”. Work announces if it is hired then it would give “Money” to those lazy people that hires it. Lazy people become interested and start hiring Work. Work thinks it has become famous, but then as it delves deeper into the minds of the lazy people. Work realizes that it is given importance because of the rectangle piece of paper. Without Money, Work is Useless.

The tranquilizer has pierced through the heart creating a lifeless soul. A soul which doesn’t feel the pain of its surroundings. It doesn’t have any ambiguities of its future nor any regrets of its past. It wanders around with no hope, no aim and with no path to follow. The journey is simple yet the destiny is unknown. It is just wavering around emotionless walking till the end of infinite time. At times, it stops and looks around to see if it is followed. Slowly but steadily when the sun rises removing the darkness of the night. The lifeless soul realizes that it is not alone. It has a shadow that will live with it forever. It is the only friend that the Lifeless Soul has.

The world wants to notice you

But you want to get lost in the darkness

Life is so beautiful,

You are my love, you’re so precious

Come on, take my hand

I am going to take you far

Relive the moments that we had

Let’s spend the night together

A caricature is not careless cartoon. It is a funny perspective induced with sarcasm.

Do you want to be the everyday man or once in a generation man.


We are like the captain of a sinking ship. We know that the outcome is inevitable yet we yearn for miracles to happen.

The sea bed welcomes us with open arms but we strive to stay afloat. The chilling waves catches us off-guard and we nearly drown banishing our existence. Sticking out our nostrils atop the freezing water, we hope to breathe the last whiff of air before we surrender ourselves to the numbness of our limbs and heart.

With the advent of computers and the internet, even the Cloud is up for sale.


One-Shot-Hot-Shot: A person who achieves fame for just one project/work/gig.

In the dreams, I see you

Take me with you

The clouds are pink

The sun is green

We are in a flying, automobile

Surrounded by flora and fauna

The earth’s looking so greener

My heart just beats to love songs

We’re just gonna sing along

Hey Oh, Hey Oh, Hey Oh, Hey Oh, O-O-O

Don’t you wake up, don’t you wake up, don’t you wake up, Just Today

This life is a fairytale

I am the Prince and you’re the Princess.

We will live forever, to tell this tale

Showering love on people near us

Let’s make sense in a nonsense world.


I come in droplets putting a smile on your face. While you look up in the sky I kiss your face. You pray for me when you face the heat. Your prayers are answered… At last, HERE I AM….

Man evolved from Stone-Age, then experienced Iron-Age and now we are in Garb-Age

What is Success? Success is when your signature becomes an autograph…

If guns kill people, then pencils misspell words, cars make people drive drunk, and spoons make people fat. Not everyone is perfect.

When you fail to deliver and people around you are angry with you then you know in your heart that their anger is not towards your failure but it’s more to do with you failing to match your true and hidden potential. They know you can perform much better. But when they feel pity then you know that you are done and over because they have given up on you and know there is no potential left in you. Anger is always better than pity.


Ideas should be shared and grown democratically and not patented.

You are in the middle of the action. Enjoy it live rather than reliving it through recorded versions of it. I command you to put back the 5inches and 6inches in your pockets where it came from. You don’t buy a ticket for a live event to record it. The TV producers does a much better job than you. Enjoy every moment of you being in the action.

“You have so many contradictions in your statement

When you say ‘LOVE IS GREAT’ but do not believe its testament.

Whenever you talk about ‘LOVE’ it makes me think

That are you the same person who said ‘LOVE’; stink

Oh! I forgot that you were betrayed in Love

Hence you started believing that there was NO HEAVEN ABOVE

When you saw me, you said to yourself ‘I May Be Wrong’

This world still has emotions left for you which you couldn’t feel all along

Maybe, I am the next Lover in your story

Life isn’t always fill with sadness, baby

Because; We all have a heart to LOVE AND BE LOVED

Until the time you receive widespread acclaim, you are a nobody.

Widespread acclaim basically signifies that you have inspired people with something novel

So work, produce and showcase endlessly

Let the world judge and take notice of your efforts

What would seem ordinary to you may end up becoming a masterpiece or masterstroke

Nobody really knows the way the world is tickled and coerced

People who say they have cracked this code are people who aren’t dreaming.

They are the same people who would say that you don’t stand a chance.

Demotivation is like a pill that will reduce your chance of dreaming.

Dreaming something great.

So, I beg you not to take the pill.

Please go to sleep and dream, will you.

Dreaming is the first step to something extremely important which you shouldn’t deprive yourself of.

The simplest indication of time travel is when an empty road in which the journey is normally completed in 10mins takes an instant. The space between spaces becomes constricted and the distance becomes shorter.


As a salesman, every closed door is an opportunity. Because the salesman gets to knock on them.

When you can’t sell a product. Donate it. Create Evangelists. – by #SalesmanUnableToMeetTargets

Always try to be the opposite person. If the other person is boisterous then you be the calm one. Do it vice versa.

Make it difficult for someone to achieve their desirous want.  When they receive it, they would be more protective of it due to the fear of losing it.


Planning is crucial. Executing as planned is essential.

A group of geeks involved in machine learning algorithms, holographic projections and roboanimatronics have developed the “Respect Button”. They say the objective of this button is to provide users an understanding towards the cognitive function of the act of “Respect”. Why users “Respect” certain living things, objects and so forth. This button is critical into understanding the vast synapses of the brain impulses. According to these geeks, “Respect” is better than “Like” as it enhances the aspirational status of anything. It has a more serious connect amongst human. Facebook, Twitter and Google are in the race to acquire this technology for a whopping sum of $4 billion dollars. The tech giants state that the acquisition would give them competitive edge and also help them understand why humans “Respect” anything. – Myversionoffakenews Reports

Through a baby’s eyes, the world is so beautiful

Through a boy’s eyes, the world is filled with enthusiasm

Through a teen’s eyes, the world is filled with so much excitement

Through a man’s eyes, the world is scary and so irresponsible

Perception changes with increased awareness. Don’t look at the shell and determine its beauty. Try and learn about what’s inside.

In order to avoid criticism, I don’t share my literary works with the public. People are judgmental and they don’t have the sense of appreciation. All they try to do is find faults. If they are more open-minded then the world would have been a much more conducive environment for sharing and inspiring.

I have an expensive phone but no one to call

No one to pick up, when I drop my ball

I have an expensive bike but no one to pillion ride

I am all alone and I have no one in my stride 

People say life is wonderful but for me it is misery

Glory seems far-fetched and luck never favors me

I look at a moving train hoping to board it

Life is colorless and I am bored of it

I walk the path alone hoping that someone would hold my hands

Someone would tuck me in and caress my hair strands

Comforting me when I am in distress

Motivate me during my stress

These are thoughts and not horses galloping

All I can do is lay back and just keep hoping

Just keep hoping, just keep hoping

Get up, someone shouts from behind

I look around, he smiles and it was well-timed

He hugs and tells me, this is not the end

I was always here for you, you never noticed me, my friend

Like I shadow, I followed you everywhere

But your eyes were rolling around, looking elsewhere

Yet you don’t notice me in reality

Even when I am in your proximity

You have no right to sit and sulk

Because you are not a mere mortal, you are HULK.

Then why are you in my head and not here.

I am multi-dimensional, I can be

Because I am Professor Charles Xavier

“The roads are long and curvy. Nightfall makes me nervy” said the dude while Siri helped him post it on Facebook. He misses the light, he misses the sunshine. It was already morning as they drove past the meadows during springtime. It wasn’t him, it was Google, driving.

Rapturous soul,

Bold and old.

Murdered by its sins.

The circle of lie,

Here be told.

Till our putrefied rupture begins.

Mocking the past,

As we lay in our present.

Shocked and aghast,

We were hell-bent.

The future which was once so bright.

Till we lit the matches, and laid the light.

The scattered ashes lay down below.

Our eyes sucked in, and all that remains, was hollow.

War is a diversion to attain a capitalistic harmony, which also is a ceremony, a propaganda, a bunch of hoodlum’s party.

We are living inside a tiny droplet of water, which is sitting atop a tongue of gargantuan being. Don’t tickle its palette, because we are just a swallow from annihilating ourselves.

To hell with paradise.

Money buys a lot of things that can contribute to happiness, but cannot buy happiness in itself.

The number 6 is embedded deeply in the fabric of our cosmos. The number 9 is an upside-down 6, and it is the vital cog that stretches and de-stretches the fabric we call, Life. The Hexagon, a 6-faced shape form the tiny parts of the fabric which isn’t visible to our naked eye. Each thread of this fabric is called the String. Each String has a Hook that rotates to turn the string forming new dimensions, distorting time. Gravity plays an active part in rotating the hook. Thus, depending on the effects of Gravity, the space-time continuum is derived from the rotating shifts in the hook. Once this hook is identified, then it would be much simpler to manipulate it, enabling us to distort time forever. Once we can control the dimension of time, we will be then be able to enter the next phase of evolution.

Do you know, that I am the most in secured man? I am the most paranoid. My eyes are peeled, for I shall not cheat life with death, at the hands of any. Be it an animal, a man, or a maniacal me. I want to finally foretell my destiny. I am always on the lookout, of my end, for I shall try and circumvent. Thus, friends are none, and everyone is a foe. Even my closest ally, and even people I don’t know. I am on the tenterhooks of my morbid life. Each passing day, I kill to survive.

What’s Around the Bend?

I have been fateful to be in the midst of an unnerving pattern. A pattern which is not only an eye-opener, but highly intriguing as well.

There are these aspects to this pattern:

  • Perceived Disruption
  • Disruption Momentum
  • Reality Check
  • Regression
  • Coexistence

Perceived Disruption: These are the startups who make waves in the market by scoring giant funding rounds. They essentially start positioning themselves as major disruptors, before even they have fared a decent revenue and profitability bull run.

Disruption Momentum: The startups are now funded. I mean, they are now fat with funds. They plough their money into getting expensive offices, lead acquisition, over-blown marketing campaigns. All in the name of staying ahead of everyone else. Gaining the oh-so elusive market share, overnight.

Reality Check: The funders realize that they have burnt too much money in too many bets. They plan to curtail the outflow. They stop participating in follow-on rounds. This not only happens in one, but across most venture capital funds. Thereby, creating a domino effect. The fund crunch gives rise to mark-downs, office space consolidation/contraction, job losses and finally shutting down failed startup enterprises.

Regression: The so-called traditional, archaic companies that were fearing disruption with the advent of startups and their burgeoning funding cycle, now breathe relief. With the fund crunch and tepid investor confidence, these companies start taking advantage of the situation, by better preparing themselves for the future onslaught. With no option left but to perform, they start innovating as well. They become more proactive.

Coexistence: The startups which survive the reality check will slowly become large enterprises in the near future. Essentially, they will coexist with the traditional enterprises. They will become leaner, smarter, and be experienced enough to ascertain the ebb and flow of the market to better prepare themselves. Similarly, the traditional companies rapidly innovates to not get caught like last time, when the startups made serious dent in their businesses.

The ultimate winners are the customers who get to view this epic battle between the startups and traditional companies from their box seats, while the market provides a level-playing field where no one controls monopoly, and is driven by competition. Poor service, complacency becomes feedbacks of the past. Due to the fight for the customer’s wallet-share, the customers end up getting superior products and services.

Feeding the Cattle



Way back in time when there were no farming machinery and automobiles, there was Arnold, who was a crop and cattle farmer. He just survived through the worst drought imaginable. It was tough going for him.  But, then the gods finally answered his prayers and showered with rain.

During the period of drought, Arnold had stored enough fodder to feed his cattle, which kept them in shape. The water for irrigation was managed from a nearby canal. The cattle’s job entailed – ploughing the fields, carrying heavy loads and water, and sowing seeds.

When drought was over and rain had dawned, Arnold started flourishing in farming, with record produce. He fed excessive fodder to his cattle, as an incentive. His cattle gained weight, due to the excessive fodder intake, and they became lazy. This negatively impacted Arnold. He meted out harsh treatments to them, and even took them to the nearby hills to get them out of their slumber. But, all his efforts went in vain, as they slouched even more, making it impossible for him to sustain the steady run of profitability.

He finally arrived at the conclusion that if he had fed the same quantity of fodder to his cattle, like in the drought, then he wouldn’t have had to face this day. So, he sold off his cattle to butchers, and with the money bought a new fleet. This time, he didn’t make the same mistake. He fed them enough fodder that kept them going, while utilizing every possible opportunity of profiting from the flourishing season, before drought stared upon them.

Now, put the above in context with the present day Startup ecosystem. Think about Arnold being the Startup, fodder being the Funding, the flourishing season being the VC Funding Momentum, the cattle being the Operations, and finally, the cattle’s laziness being the Cash Burn.

The bottom line is, spend enough, which would increase sustainability, safeguarding your startup’s operations during the rainy days (‘Drought’ in the case of Arnold). The market, talent, and customers are always going to be there, but it is you, who should be there to service and profit from them.

The race to market-share cannot be won by discounts, and pumping money into nonsensical marketing campaigns. Capturing market-share is a time-consuming affair. It has been only achieved, when models make way for revenues, and not your funding milestones. It’s the unit economics, the CLTV (Customer LifeTime Value) that should be the primary goals. Rest will follow automatically. As a startup entrepreneur myself, I have taken my oath to support my business expansion through internal accruals. Yes, Internal Accruals – funds generated from the business.

For the next few years, coffee shops would be my stand-in offices, cloud would be the go-to infrastructure, and growth hacks through informative insights and social media connect, would be my marketing apparatus. I will launch products and platforms, way before I gain critical mass. I will look forward to building an ecosystem by collaborating with partners for growth. I will plough back 65% of my profits into business expansion (‘Internal Accruals’ as I referred above) and also free up liquidity for my colleagues through stock option plans. I am sure, if I do this right, the media would find me, and I wouldn’t have to find them.

The Engagement Continuum

“Remember the Date” – Yes, that’s what Apple wants us to do.

Remember today because today would make our tomorrow bright.

I am not so sure if I feel the same.

It’s now or never for Apple. Either they stick to their incremental modifications and put a new number to their iPhone or they radically add new features and change the form factor to give it a fresh look. As a safe bet, I would have gone with the latter but for Apple it is too late to harp on such thoughts.

Why safe bet entails a radical approach?

To do the former is a huge risk. This means that Apple is not taking their consumers seriously and is not challenging them enough. Incremental modifications are fine but in the present evolving times, nobody cares. Still today, other than the Hotspot functionality, no one really knows why there is a Bluetooth feature on all the versions of the iPhone.

I am not expecting radical changes in today’s WDC event but I am certainly geared up for the statement that Apple makes with its product launches. I am sure from a corporate standpoint the introduction of the intensely rumored/debated iWatch is their endeavor to keep up with the pent-up demand of the consumer’s tech fodder. Such a product would certainly be game-changing but at what cost. Would it be at the cost of delivering yet another low appealing iPhone? Only time will tell.

The attention/focus/likability timespan of consumers have declined considerably. This has impacted brand loyalty. Steve Jobs and his army of products created a halo effect on consumers. They were not consumers anymore, they became fans, they became followers, they became a part of his pop culture. Steve believed that the consumer is super-smart and thus should be enabled with super-smart devices.

During Steve’s timespan, through his products, he challenged the consumers to explore beyond their usual realm. He made them a part of his unique experiment which stated in bold that “We are ready for the future. We are ready to look beyond the present times”. It sounded plain and simple but yet it was an audacious path to follow. He bent his team forwards and backwards to give the consumers an amazing experience.

Such an effect is missing from Apple nowadays. Everyone talks about of not losing Relevance and everyone seems to relate Creating Fans to Facebook likes and Twitter followers. I also used to stress a lot on Relevance but over time I have realized that Relevance is just one of the factors that shapes the company’s present and future.

Creating Fans is an easy step but to continuously engage them and not lose them over time is the hard part. This is when your initial product has to evolve rapidly and radically.

Think about this, you start with a desktop computer and end with a chip inside your brain. All produced by the same company. This is innovation coupled with continuous engagement. Obviously, as Steve Jobs and Henry Ford stated “Consumers do not know what they want”. I agree to this point completely but what is missing is the second part which I would like to fill in – “They don’t mind being surprised, awestruck from time to time”.

When you look at Engagement vis-à-vis Relevance, you will realize that Relevance can be measured with time and a lifecycle can be attained. On the other hand, Engagement is a continuous infinite practice which is segmented as per Critical Points. Within the span of each Critical Point resides the Relevance Quadrant.

Below is a diagram that I have created for your better understanding.

Engagement Cycle 

As you can see from the above diagram, each Quadrant of Relevance adds to the overall Engagement Cycle so that the product or the company is kept refreshed in the consumer’s minds either by incorporating radical changes or completely updating to a new version. Tech products cannot be treated as legacy products like an antique handbag of Louis Vuitton. The simple differentiator being for legacy products – with age, buying value appreciates whereas with tech products – with age, the buying value depreciates. Each small circle is the critical point at which the company Breaks or Breaks-through. If the company misses the critical point then it loses a quadrant of relevance (in my words a relevance cycle). It can regain another relevance cycle, if the company addresses the critical point through continuous chatter heightening the interest levels of the consumer. The ultimate goal would be to create a “WOW” experience and not just any other experience.

Such an Engagement Continuum should be the key apparatus for any company. There would be hard decisions to make but one has to realize if the world was ideal then all of us would have been smiling all the time.

In my opinion, staying relevance is a relative phenomenon because the consumer’s perspective evolves with time but to maintain an increased level of engagement is the survival route of the fittest.

To quote Jobs and Ford again, “We, the corporates, know that consumers doesn’t know what they want (back to my quote) BUT they don’t mind being surprised, awestruck from time to time”.

The Unchanging People

Following the Status Quo

People who are unable to accept CHANGEDO or are HAPPY with the following:

  1. Protects the status quo and fires anyone that presents ideas which are not inline with the status quo.
  2. Thinks inside the box & expects everyone else to do so.
  3. Relies heavily on historic data & builds forecasting tools based on such data (relying on the past to predict the future).
  4. Maintains life+life+work balance. The status quo becomes automated & therefore early office exit resulting in more family time.
  5. Meeting NextGen change-agents becomes a painful task especially those who possess a game changing idea. They think it isn’t relevant. They don’t specify that if it isn’t for Now or the Future but in their mind they know that it isn’t relevant for ‘NOW’. They don’t want to bother thinking about the future. Point No. 4 will take care of that.
  6. Doesn’t believe in market shifts. According to this person, market shifts are nothing but minor earthquakes which will suffer minor disruptions but after which life would go on as usual.
  7. Incentivise people who win new clients with business as usual potential. Fears that investing in new technology and introducing new services would contradict with their approach encapsulated in Point No. 8.
  8. Convinces investors that their company is fending off the recession by protecting its existing and boring client base [Boring because their clients are just like them they are happy with the status quo and aren’t pushing their service provider for innovative products. Clients are one of the most important educators for a company, they often start with something like “Do you know what these guys are doing (referring to the competition)….. And then they close the conversation, saying “You guys are playing catch up”. A company should seek such clients].
  9. When growth in their core industry starts tanking, these people don’t offer new strategies or products. They offer DISCOUNTS and FREEBIES.
  10. Such people often label their strategies as cautious risk-taking (predominantly their strategy is an oxyMORON. For such people, oxymoron is a term in which they extract their moronic power from oxygen to devise such strategies).
  11. They do plan their future by investing in secured debentures (again an oxyMORON especially in the current context when book values of collaterals are depreciating & companies are unable to maintain the fixed percentage payout to its debtors). For them, equities are like cheques which are about to bounce. They miss those high-growth opportunity that is about to become the next Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and so forth.
  12. The final one – These same people read this article and smiles, thinking that they are not these people. The sales professional from their organization mentions that the Competition is offering more services at the same price-point. This person suggests to REDUCE THE PRICE” of their services. Sticking to Point No. 7.

To determine if you are NOT the above person, ask yourself the following question(s):

  • Do you seek work from other departments when you have no work on your desk?
  • Do you pretend to be busy when you have no work or do you lay back & look at the ceiling of your office?
  • Do you read online articles & journals other than celeb gossips?
  • When an issue crops up in your outlook mail, do you immediately escalate the matter to your IT department or do you try to find out the solution by googling first?
  • Do you often speak out of turn in meetings to share the thoughts boiling in your head?
  • Do you draw boxes in your scratchpad and try to make sense out of it like drawing a car or ship?
  • Do you write abstract thoughts and maintain a word doc?
  • Do you like to kickstart conversation with strangers sharing your insight about an interesting global event?
  • Do you give your business card with one hand or both your hands?
  • Are you punctual?
  • Are you correcting my grammatical errors in this post?

Commercial Imagination

We all dream, imagine and stress our minds to extract that one thing that would be genre defining, game changing, breaking the stereotype, paradigm shifting and so forth. Many great men and women have managed to extract that one thing from their mind which has shaped and/or reshaped the world’s course of actions. But have you realized that in order to bring about this change they had to face rejection, dejection and demotivation all along the way to their path of glory. They have been a subject to “blown-offs” umpteen number of times before the world understood the importance of their vision and its application. These “blown-offs” wouldn’t have happened if these great men and women could visualize their imagination in a commercial way. Let us acknowledge the fact that these great men and women were not great sales people. It took them years to sell their concept to the world.

There was once this young scientist hailing from West Bengal who developed a gas stove which was very economical (single LPG cylinder lasting for more than 6 months). You are thinking that by now he is a zillionaire. Unfortunately, he couldn’t SELL his prototype in India and ultimately had to migrate to Germany hoping to make breakthrough there. I couldn’t locate or read about him on the internet after zillion searches. I guess he fell into the abyss of oblivion. If he was a skillful SALESMAN then he would’ve been able to attract companies in this burgeoning Indian economy which still uses gas cylinders rampantly. Such a prototype in India would have been a great boost for the common man especially when subsidy on gas cylinders been reduced to just six cylinders a calendar year. Like him, the technology will remain untapped which had the potential to be a game-changer.

In today’s fast paced world, more and more great men and women are becoming effective salesmen/women. Take a cue from the great late Steve Jobs when he introduced upcoming Apple products to the tech bloggers, tech media, app developers in Apple’s WDC conference. His introductory speeches were more like a salesman pitching to the world about the uniqueness of his products though he knew that his team had created highly innovative products that would open up new markets but he didn’t take a back seat. He pitched in aggressively about the uniqueness of his products and created a supreme brand EAGERNESS amongst global consumers. I am switching from Awareness to Eagerness because Awareness is less aggressive than Eagerness. Consumers might be AWARE of products but they might not be EAGER to get their hands onto one. Its the Sales Conversion that matters and not the AWARENESS. EAGERNESS presents you a more realistic picture of your sales status.

For the future set of great people, I would urge you to indulge in COMMERCIAL IMAGINATION because this would enable your ideas to go live at a faster pace. The way the world has already started quantifying the next set of change-agents is on the basis of how much money your vision, innovation, invention make. You might ridicule this article and direct me to the list of Nobel Laureates but believe me 50 years from now becoming a Nobel Laureate would  have less significance and influence as compared to someone who is inventing and innovating new products/technologies/practice that would open up new markets/industries which would ultimately rake in MASSIVE MONEY (A broader perspective of Massive Money in my next post). Till then, indulge in COMMERCIAL IMAGINATION which would make practical (monetary) sense to the world.