Loyalty, An Expensive Commodity

I am not sure if this is a part of some conspiracy theory, or is this reality? Uber charges you more if you come out of a high-spending establishment, like a mall, club, hotel or an expensive restaurant. Uber charges you more by conducting historic analysis of your spending pattern. The higher you have spent... Continue Reading →


ai, & YOU.

This is a flash post to what ai has become? What I think it will become? Where, we the humans are heading?

Feeding the Cattle

Way back in time when there were no farming machinery and automobiles, there was Arnold, who was a crop and cattle farmer. He just survived through the worst drought imaginable. It was tough going for him.  But, then the gods finally answered his prayers and showered with rain. During the period of drought, Arnold had... Continue Reading →

Telepathic Dissemination

The next frontier of evolution lies in Telepathic Dissemination. We will achieve this in the year of 2100 and forward. This is because, in the next 85 years or so, we would be busy solving the mysteries of artificial intelligence, interplanetary travel, cell regeneration, non-intrusive marketing, security/anonymity over dark-net as a service and so forth. Telepathic dissemination... Continue Reading →

Meditative Approach to Leadership

We have all heard how great Leaders have achieved their goals by following their principles which they have learnt through their life experiences. Though, highly effective but they did face extraordinary circumstances which we normal office-going individual wouldn’t face on any given day. We are too scared to risk ourselves and come out of our... Continue Reading →

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