Sneak peek into One Tick Madness

It has been arduous to say the least, crafting One Tick Madness. More than a year has passed, since I started crafting my first novel. Caring the baby, every single day. Each word, each syllable it said was precisely planted to provide a visceral experience to the readers. Unlike most novelists, I am not a scholar, neither... Continue Reading →


The Journey, thus far – Crafting One Tick Madness

  I completed writing four hundred and sixty pages of One Tick Madness (OTM) on 26th December, 2015. Then, I went through a phase of detoxification – getting rid of all those characters, scenarios, prose, structure, literary devices that had clouded my head. In order to do so, I watched a lot of movies during... Continue Reading →

One Tick Madness… The title that invited me to write

  It’s been almost 36 months when I embarked on writing my first full length novel. It all started with a title that stuck in my head, like a gum on the sole of a boot. I tried to erase it from my system, but I failed. So, I started writing. The title was One... Continue Reading →


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